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From the renowned Bader town house to the Villa Arborea hotel oasis

The villa, which formerly belonged to the well-known Augsburg merchants, the Bader family, was commissioned in 1935. The famous Augsburg architect, Albert Kirchmayer, was charged with designing a house in keeping with the Bader family's station that was to be a dowry for their future daughter-in-law, Elionore Böhm, herself the daughter of an industrial magnate in Lauingen. The generously dimensioned Villa Bader was born.

Surrounded by a magnificent park, the villa remained completely intact even during the war. Not least because of this, the villa was confiscated by the Americans and served the American commanding officer as a representative residence for many long years. The Bader family did not receive their property back until 1957.

Veronika and Michael Dey remodelled the house in 2003 in a way that would have pleased the Bader family, whose personal priority in life was "to preserve old treasures and create new ones".

The villa is characterised by a Mediterranean flair which runs like a common thread through the design of every single room.



Paving the way for the future…

The enthusiasm and warm words of encouragement expressed by the hotel guests motivated the two dedicated hoteliers to plan a new building on the extensive grounds around the villa. This vision became reality in 2006, when the annex was inaugurated.
The annex was built to complement the Mediterranean style of architecture of the villa and to incorporate the latest in constructional and technical know-how. It blends seamlessly into the environs and yet still leaves ample space for the rambling gardens.

The villa still "breathes" history even today, but it is the people that give a house its "heart and soul". Which is why we are looking forward to welcoming you!